Music Direction services provided by BOOKER Entertainment for restaurants, bars, lounges and clubs that prefer third party DJ management.
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It’s that time again! School dances are a great way for students to have fun and party while under adult supervision in safe, controlled environments. See what the School Dance Pros have to offer your school for a celebration your students deserve!

School Dance DJ Las Vegas

A few benefits to expect when working with The School Dance Pros…

Only the best! Arguably the most important factor of a successful school dance is the DJ. For that reason we make sure ours knows how to bring the energy!  From experience with clubs to radio to of course school dances, our DJs are well rounded and know how to combine the best elements of all three to give your students a great show through music. Lets not forget to mention that are DJs are experienced club AND radio DJs. This means the high energy of clubs and the clean music selection required for radio are fully utilized!
Our professional quality sound systems and configurations make sure that even gym size dances achieve club level impact! Just as the DJ is important to a dances’ success, so is the sound system. We take no short cuts in making sure the equipment we use is top notch so even in the biggest of spaces your students have a good audible experience.
Often overlooked, lighting is the icing on the cake and an excellent way to add atmosphere to your dance. Whether it be simple and elegant or a club like presentation we can handle it!
It’s all bout the experience! By tying the DJ, the sound and lighting together, we aim to create a unique experience your students are sure to enjoy. Our motivation is to create a fun but safe environment for the students that will keep them coming back and guessing time and time again. Let’s work together in making sure that happens!

A Few Types Of School Events We Service!

School Dance Dj Las Vegas

Winter Formals

Most likely the first dance of the year for High Schools so let’s start the year off right! With the gentlemen in suits & ties and ladies in elegant gowns, we bring a little sophisticated energy to set the vibe just right! Contact us now so we can get the planning started right away

Sadie Hawkins

Alright Ladies this one’s on you! Pick your date, pick the color scheme, then hit the Sadie Hawkin’s dance in style! Though the dress code is more relaxed the energy is definitely not, this is where we like to let students have a club like experience all with safety and faculty supervision in mind. Lets start planning your schools Sadie’s now!
Prep Rally

Pep Rallies

What better way to generate excitement for big games and events than by having a prep rally?! With music being such an important part of helping create that excitement, we know what it takes to get the job done in such a short a mount of time for events like these. Don’t normally host Prep rallies? Let us tell you why you should and why we should be there!


The good old-fashioned tailgate! Arguably the best part of football games on college campuses nationwide. Ever considered adding a live DJ to the mix of portable grills and 5 gallon coolers? We’ve done a few and can tell you some of the benefits, give us a call!


Prom season is serious business. Another of a schools more formal affairs and because it is the last for a lot of students, we take no shorts. Careful planning of music selection, equipment setup design and intelligent lighting all go into preparing for the attendees big day. Contact us for package quotes and let us help you get ready for the big day!
This footage was taken to show one of the packages we offer for our school dances. From small to big, simple to complex, the School Dance Pros have what it takes to service your school event needs!