Music Direction - Booker Entertainment
Music Direction services provided by BOOKER Entertainment for restaurants, bars, lounges and clubs that prefer third party DJ management.
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Music Direction

Manage a bar, lounge, restaurant or even club that books DJs regularly? Let BOOKER Entertainment manage the music direction of your venue  so you can focus on the tasks that matter the most! With a few of Las Vegas’ most respected open format DJs working with our company,  we’re confident we can provide just the right musical experience your guests will enjoy.

A few benefits of BOOKER Entertainment’s Music Direction program…
Juggling the shift changes, time off / vacation requests and changes of availability can be a difficult and time consuming task when dealing with employees. Allow us to take care of the booking and scheduling of DJs so it is one less task you are responsible for. After all as a manager delegation is what makes you great! We take care of making sure there is always a DJ available to provide the energy your venue needs giving you one less responsibility to worry about
Have a multiple DJ roster and ever experience having a hard time keeping the sound uniform between them? A disadvantage to booking individually is the lack of cohesiveness and the inability to create a consistent, identifiable atmosphere for your venue. At BOOKER Entertainment we work together with our DJs to make sure the guests who came in on Friday night and enjoyed the music, will share a uniform experience when they return on Saturday night. Just as the food and cocktail recipes have to be consistent, so does the soundscape provided by the DJs.
No need to stress over looking for and keeping skilled, reliable DJs booked for your venue. Each DJ working with BOOKER Entertainment is an open format, experienced radio and club DJ. This means they have the musical knowledge to play to a broad demographic and they have the skill to make it sound great! This is important in Las Vegas where the demographic can change based on the event or convention in town.
Another great advantage of having your entire dj program provided by one company, easy of billing! By allowing BOOKER Entertainment to manage booking, you eliminate the need to  maintain accounting profiles for each of the DJs on your roster. This can be especially beneficial if your venue pays hourly. Our DJs report billing information to us and by the end of the work week, we send you a single, detailed invoice.
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